Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How Long?

How long I have never been here already?
Well, good question, because I don't really find out how long was it.

These days, the elements in my life were busy, busy and busy again,
full of challenges,
love it very much.

College life went great, as i really enjoyed it,
compare to the secondary school time,
here my time and studies are much more flexible,
as i really can focus on my own activities.

Although sometime classes are tiring and boring,
but my conclusion is,
it is better then the secondary one~

The MAC coms are fucking great!
The functions i love it so much,
but the price,
i hate it!

These days,
things had happen so sudden that makes me some of the times don't know what to react,
well, hard to explain here but it really gives me a big break down.
And i really hated it because it makes me confuse a lot of times!
It is sooo idiot and bull shit!

so it had pass,
what i'm gona do is focus on what i'm doing now~
not going to let my team and frens down~


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